Smart Event Registration

Event registration and attendee management services provided by event industry professionals

Everything you need to manage a seamless event experience for your attendees.

  • Pre-event services

    Our pre-event services are designed to simplify your event registration processes, and to make it easy for your attendees to register for your event. 

    We also offer event technology and apps for use by your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers.

  • On-site services

    regNow!'s core expertise lies in managing the onsite experience for attendees and our customers.  We work with our clients to develop the onsite plan that supports both the event objectives, scale and budget.

  • Post-event services

    Once the event is over, we ensure that all data is analysed and presented in a customisable post-event report.  We ensure that data is transferred to you using a variety of formats, including direct transfer to your CRM. 


Our Technology

We deliver our services through our industry leading platform - developed over the past 10 years and incorporating a highly flexible registration and event journey experience using a variety of hardware and service offerings.

With a wealth of experience in event technology regNow can also assist their clients with lead retrieval, visitor and event polling apps and surveys.


Why regNow!


Registration is about data. We make sure that registration and attendee data becomes a strategic asset before, during and after your event. 

We work with our clients to support their marketing and sales efforts with integration of registration data and preferred CRM such as Salesforce and Pipedrive.


Registration is about the end user experience, we make sure our processes provide a seamless experience for all attendees, whether visitor, speaker, exhibitor or delegate.

From the time an attendee experiences our on-line forms, checks-in onsite, or registers at a full service desk, or engages with our event apps our professional team and systems aim to delight your customers.



"Superb service from real professionals"

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