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What We Do


What We Do

RegNow event registration


Pre-event services

Pre-registration can make or break even the best of events. Our pre-event services are designed to simplify the event registration process, making it easy for your guests to register for your event. Our team will design a brand-matched platform that strengthens the bond between your business and event attendees, all while ensuring flexibility and ease of access. We can also integrate your pre-event services with any third party registration systems, managing as little or as much of the pre-registration cycle as you wish.


On-site services

Our core expertise lies in managing the on-site experience for attendees and our customers. We partner with our clients and together develop on-site plans that support the event objectives and scale while staying on budget. To support the registration process, we offer full-service desks, self-service terminals, scanners, RFID trackers, screens and more, as well as providing on-site event technology solutions for lead retrieval and generation, event polling, and speaker and visitor apps.

With cutting-edge solutions that empower and entertain your audience, we deliver minimal queues, professional staffing and a fantastic experience that ensures your events success.

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Post-event services

At regNow, we are experts in harnessing the insights generated by your event. Once it is over, we will gather, analyze and present the relevant data in a fully customizable post-event report. To make things as simple as possible, we deliver the data in a variety of formats, including direct transfer to your CRM.

At regNow, we believe every event is unique. Post-event reviews and insights help us continually improve our service and make your next event even better!

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