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What We Do


What We Do

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Leveraging over 60 years of combined event experience, the regNow team is here to help make your next event a success. We understand events like no one else: we’ve got 500 of them under our belts and are proud to be part of the team that launched giants like Spintelligent now Vuka Group, a world-class event company, and Hypenica.

Our team consists of passionate B2B event professionals and visionaries. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked closely with our partners from Touchwork to develop an industry-leading registration platform and redefine the world of event management and planning.

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Our Vision

We bring forward unrivaled insights, technical know-how and out-of-the-box thinking to make your next event a must-see. From developing registration plans and providing you with optimal brand matching, through the seamless pre-event registration process and minimizing queues during on-site check-in and on-the-day registration, all the way to helping you make the most out of your event with real-time analytics and cutting-edge post-event reporting, we make event management easier than a breeze.


Our Team

Event registration services, Meghan Gilson
Meghan Gilson

General Manager

Event registration services
Beryl Perkins

Financial Manager

Event registration services
Rory Florence

Project Team Manager

Event registration services
Craig Lotter

Senior Developer

Event registration services


We deliver our services through our industry leading platform -  developed over the past  10 years, and incorporating a highly flexible registration experience using a variety of hardware and service offerings.

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