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Top tips for finding the right registration solution

Whether a paid conference, trade show or exhibition , choosing the right registration solution is essential in ensuring success from pre to post event.

Here are 6 top tips when planning the registration for your event:

1. A customisable turn-key registration service

Registration needs differ for each event. Choose a solution that is customisable to your unique requirements throughout the event cycle, be it form design, badge options, registration process or attendee communication.

2. Go with a company that knows the event industry

Don't rely on pure tech features, choose a company that has extensive event experience and that will understand the ins and out of the planning process and the registration challenges.

3. Having the right registration payment options

Having different payment options is vital to a quick and seamless registration process. Ensure that the registration solution you choose allows for the payment options that suit your requirements.

4. Excellent onsite experience for you and your attendees

Onsite registration is the first touch point for you event. Ensure a streamlined registration process with minimal queues, professional staffing and the best technology.

5. Effective and customised reporting

Real-time and day-end reporting helps you understand your event performance, and engage with attendees, while post event data allows you to analyse overall performance to improve your future events. Choose a company that offers real-time and post event reporting in a format that works for you.

6. A cost-effective solution

Some “one size fits all” systems can be expensive and at the same time, won't cater to your every need. Choose a system that bases their cost on the unique requirements of your event.


regNow! was established by a team of event professionals to address one of the key challenges faced by all event organizers - the efficient and cost-effective delivery of registration services to medium and large scale events.

The regNow! team is dedicated to developing consultative registration plans for each of our clients and their events in order to ensure optimal brand matching, seamless pre-event registration processes, low and no queue onsite check-in and on the day registration, lead retrieval, polling, visitor apps, detailed, real-time analytics, and rock-solid post-event reporting and data management.

For more information, contact us at or call +27 21 700 4300

- Event registration solutions designed by event industry professional

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